Davidson Trauma Scales

Author Jonathan Davidson, M.D. Description The Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS) provides a quick and accurate measure of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.  The DTS scale may be used to screen clients at initial evaluation, evaluate psychopathology in trauma victims, assess the effectiveness of treatment and predict...
Level B, M

Dementia Rating Scale-2 : Alternate Form

Author Kara S. Schmidt, PhD Description  The DRS-2 is a widely used instrument for the assessment of neurocognitive status. Because it is appropriate for use by professionals across multiple disciplines (e.g. neuropsychology, psychiatry, neurology, gerontology), an equivalent form was needed, and subsequently, the DRS-2: Alternate Form...
Level A, M

Dementia Rating Scales-2

Author Steven Mattis, PhD Professional Manual by Paul J. Jurica, PhD, Christopher L. Leitten, PhD, Steven Mattis, PhD Description Research conducted after the publication of the original Dementia Rating Scale (DRS) showed that both age and education contribute significantly to DRS subscale and Total Scores....
Level A, M

Detailed Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress

Author John Briere, PhD Description The DAPS is a 104-item detailed and comprehensive clinical measure of trauma exposure and posttraumatic stress in individuals aged 18 years and older who have a history of exposure to one or more potentially traumatic events. The instrument assesses peri-...
Level M, B

Developmental Behavior Checklist 2

https://youtu.be/qO7Gp3fv26c The DBC 2 is a revised version of the DBC, an instrument that has been in wide international use for over 20 years, and it can be completed by a parent, teacher, or other adult. Unlike other rating scales of emotional and behavioural problems, the...
Level M

Developmental Profile 4

https://youtu.be/qO7Gp3fv26c Introduction to DP4 Technical Properties of DP4 Development and Standardisation of DP4 The DP-4 retains the core elements of its predecessors while adding features that strengthen an instrument already considered the best of its kind. It is a powerful, quick, and cost-effective developmental test...
Level M

Dyadic Adjustment Scale

Author Graham Spanier Description The Dyadic Adjustment Scale is a 32 item self-report measure of relationship adjustment. Four factors are reported: Dyadic Satisfaction; Dyadic Consensus; Dyadic Cohesion and Affectional Expression. Normative data is provided for married and recently divorced couples. The scale has good reliability...
Level B, M

Early Sociocognitive Battery

Overview The Early Sociocognitive Battery (ESB) is a new, innovative assessment for preschool children that is predictive of later language and social communication difficulties including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The ESB can be used by speech and language therapists, clinical and educational psychologists, and paediatricians....
Level A, B, M

Eating Disorder Inventory-3

Online Administration & Scoring Platform Available! Author David M. Garner, PhD Description The EDI-3 is a revision of one of the most widely used self-report measures of psychological traits or constructs shown to be clinically relevant in individuals with eating disorders -the EDI-2. This new...
Level B, M

Eating Disorder Inventory-3 Referral Form

Author David M. Garner, PhD Description The EDI-3 Referral Form Kit is specifically designed for allied health professionals to help identify individuals who are at risk for eating disorders. In addition to 25 EDI-3 questions, this brief self-report form includes behavioural symptom questions to identify...
Level B, M

Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree

Author Bryan L. Euler, PhD Description The EDDT is the first instrument of its kind to provide a standardised approach to the assessment of Emotional Disturbance (ED) that covers all of the federal criteria and addresses the broad emotional and behavioural nuances of children ages...
Level B, M