Frontal Systems Behavior Scale

Authors Janet Grace, PhD, Paul F. Malloy, PhD Description The FrSBe, formerly known as the Frontal Lobe Personality Scale (FLoPS), provides a brief, reliable, and valid measure of three frontal systems behavioural syndromes: apathy, disinhibition and executive dysfunction. It also quantifies behavioural changes over time...
Level B, M, C

Goal-Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills

Author Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D, OTR; Thomas Oakland, Ph.D, and David S. Herzberg, Ph.D Description The Goal-Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills (GOAL) is an innovative new evaluation of functional motor abilities needed for daily living. Designed for children aged between 7 to 17 years, the GOAL...
Level C, M

Griffiths Scales of Child Development 3rd Edition

Griffiths III extra resources Authors: Elizabeth Green, Louise Stroud, Susan Bloomfield, Johan Cronje, Cheryl Foxcroft, Kim Hunter, Hilary Lane, Rivca Marais, Paula McAlinden, Rosemary O'Connell, Ruth Paradice, Candice Marx, Danie Venter. Description Griffiths III represents an evolution in developmental assessment, based on the latest research...
Level Griffiths-III, M

Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised: 2nd Edition

Authors Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. Description The 2nd Edition of the PCL-R supplants its predecessor as the mandatory tool for assessing psychopathy.  With it, you will find forensic assessments of psychopathy to be systematic and based on ironclad data and research.  The revisions draw upon...
Level A, M

Hare Psychopathy Checklist: Youth Version

Authors Adelle E. Forth, Ph.D., David S. Kosson, Ph.D. and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. Description The Hare PCL:YV assessment helps identify potential patterns of cheating, fighting, bullying and other anti-social acts in youths.  Early identification of these traits is critical, not only for the near...
Level A, M

Hopkins Verbal Learning Test - Revised

Authors Jason Brandt, PhD, Ralph H. B. Benedict, PhD Description THE HVLT-R offers a brief assessment of verbal learning and memory (recognition and recall) for individuals 16 years and older. It is easy to administer and score and is well-tolerated even by significantly impaired individuals....
Level A, M

Iowa Gambling Task, Version 2

Authors Antoine Bechara, PhD Description New in 2017! Now with wider age range! The IGT 2 is an assessment that assists in the evaluation of decision making mediated by the prefrontal cortex. The IGT 2 is ideal for assessing patients who exhibit poor decision-making skills...
Level A, M

Jesness Inventory-Revised

Author Carl F. Jesness, Ph.D. Description The Jesness Inventory has long been recognised as a classic measure for assessing personality and delinquent profiles.  Forty years of use has confirmed its utility to validly identify and understand youth and adults along multiple dimensions.  JI-R is a re-standardised...
Level B, M

Job Stress Survey

Authors Charles D. Spielberger, PhD, Peter R. Vagg, PhD Description Occupational stress affects productivity, absenteeism, accidents, worker turnover and stress-related health problems. Identifying major sources of stress in a workplace may help to identify changes in the work environment and other interventions that will reduce stress...
Level B, M

Juvenile Inventory for Functioning

A hands-on, interactive, computerized interview that is self-administered by the client or caregiver(s) Overview The JIFF® is derived from the CAFAS®, and is a hands-on, interactive, computerized interview that is either self-administered by the client or administer by the caregiver(s). The interview covers 10 life...
Level C, M

Kane Learning Difficulties Assessment™

The KLDA quickly screens college students who may be at risk for learning difficulties and ADHD. Features and benefits Measures an individual's academic strengths and weaknesses in key areas, including reading, writing, math, listening, concentration, memory, organization, time management, oral presentation, self-control, and anxiety. Provides...
Level M