Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition

The Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition (CAT4) has been developed and normed in the UK.  It consists of four different tests designed to measure different aspects of cognitive functioning that are all predictive of academic outcomes. By measuring a student’s ability to reason with different types of material, CAT4 allows you to assess the way a... READ MORE
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Woodcock Interpretation & Instructional Intervention Program

The new WIIIP® provides a detailed interpretation of student performance on the WJ IV™ and offers personalised, evidence-based interventions and strategies based on an examinee’s scores. The new WIIIP expands on the already significant library of previous versions, offering hundreds of new interventions and accommodations not available anywhere else. The interventions and accommodations offered in... READ MORE
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Woodcock Johnson Fourth Edition - Australasian Adaptation

Do you own WJ III Kit and would like to upgrade to WJ IV? Special prices for upgrade kits are available. Please email or call us for a quote. Authors Fredrick A. Schrank * Kevin S. McGrew * Nancy Mather Description A trusted, ground-breaking leader in individually administered assessments, the new Woodcock Johnson Fourth Edition... READ MORE
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