Mindplay’s My Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC) is sold by subscription. Subscriptions are for groups of 10 students for a set number of weeks.  Commonly, schools purchase a subscription for 10 students for 40 weeks for $3,750 (X GST), which works out to be less than $10 per student per week.  While 10 students is the minimum purchase, the number of weeks can be varied.  However, while shorted periods of time are cheaper, the weekly price is higher for shorter time frame.  Contact PAA if you would like a complete price list.

To achieve the results with MVRC that research has indicated is possible, the program has to be implemented with fidelity.  This means students need to complete 30 minutes per day for 4 or 5 days per week.  Anything less than this often leads to students becoming disengaged and progress suffers.

We understand that achieving fidelity can be challenging in many schools.  This is why we offer free trials of up to 4 weeks duration.  The purpose of such trials is as much about schools evaluating the success of their implementation strategies as it is for evaluating student progress and engagement.  PAA generally partners with schools to assist with the planning and implementation of a free trial.  Specific online training is also an option.

If you are interested in beginning a free trial, please complete and submit the form below.  One of our staff will respond within 24 hours.

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