New scales added to PAI – PAI Plus workshops

To help you understand these new scales, PAA has teamed up with Perth Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and well known PAI expert, Dr Phil Watts, to provide online workshops on the PAI and the new PAI +. There are two different online workshops to choose from:

  1. A full-day workshop on Tuesday, 10th November covering both the PAI and the recent PAI + extensions.
  2. A two-hour workshop on Monday, 16th November (2 pm till 4 pm) OR Wednesday, 18th November (10 am till noon) that will focus on the new PAI + scales.

For the last 25 years, the PAI has become the premier psychological instrument for assessing clinical pathology. These new scales in the PAI+ will only increase the utility of this assessment. These workshops are designed to help psychologists get the most from an assessment using the PAI.

The focus of the workshop is on practical skills training.

One-Day Workshop (for those less familiar with the PAI):

The format of the one-day workshop involves an initial review of the nature and structure of the PAI clinical scales (morning). The practical skills training involves analysing case protocols to establish confidence in using this tool both in formal assessments (such as for courts) and clinical cases. The afternoon section focuses more advanced topics such as response style indicators and detecting positive and negative (malingering) response patterns.

The workshops will use group discussion throughout. A range of cases is considered including family court, workers compensation, criminal related matters, and clinical assessment.  If you have a scored but unusual PAI bring it along to for discussion. Application in personnel selection will also be touched on.

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Two-Hour Workshops (for those with good knowledge of the PAI):

Dr Watts is also running two X two-hour workshops on PAI, one in the morning and one in the afternoon on Monday, 16th November (2 pm till 4 pm) and Wednesday, 18th November (10 am till noon).  Chose the time that suits you best.  These workshops will only focus on the new PAI+ scales.
16th November / 18th November