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For: Assessment of dysfunctional anger
Reading Level: For ages 18 years & older
Format: Paper and Pencil, Computer scored (V5)
Length: 20 minutes administration time (5-10 minutes for ADS:S)
Scoring: Hand Scored, Computer Scored, Online (internet) Scored



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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials

Test forms, response booklets and scoring reference manuals.

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ADS Technical Manual

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ADS Forms (25)

Pack of 25 forms (for use with separate item booklets)
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ADS Item Booklets (10)

Reusable item booklets.
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ADS:Short Forms (25)

Pack of 25 ADS:Short forms (includes items on short form only)
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Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph.D & Raymond Chip Tafrate, PhD.


The ADS helps you identify clinically dysfunctional anger in your clients.  Developed for use with clinical populations, the ADS specifically assesses anger as an independent problem rather than a secondary feature of other disorders.  The ADS is the most comprehensive scientific assessment to date of the wide range of anger dimensions.

The multi-dimensional structure of the ADS scale represents 18 subscales distributed across five domains of emotions: provocations, arousal, cognitive, motives and behaviours.  Consisting of 74 items, the ADS takes less than 20 minutes to complete and generally takes under 10 minutes to score and profile.  The scale also provides a Total score and scores for three high-order factors: anger-in, verbal/expression and vengeance.

Linear T-scores and percentiles, broken down by gender and age, are provided for the standardisation sample.  The profile of resulting scores helps clinicians assess both the internal experiences and expressive patterns of their clients’ anger and provides a strong basis for developing appropriate treatment plans.

Screening Version – The ADS: Short (ADS:S) is useful for screening for possible anger problems, to assess large groups of people, as part of an intake assessment battery, or as part of a patient’s psychosocial evaluation.  The 19-item ADS:S scale contains items from each of the 18 ADS subscales and provides raw scores and linear T-scores.  It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to complete and less than 10 minutes to score.

The ADS and ADS:S scales are both available in convenient Quikscore forms format where the client’s responses transfer through to a hidden scoring page where you complete a few simple calculations to obtain scores.  Raw scores are quickly converted to T-scores by plotting them on age and gender-specific profile sheets.


The ADS can be hand scored or computer scored, PC Computer based scoring is completed using the Smartlink (V5) software.

The ADS offers two types of computer generated reports:

1.  ADS Interpretive Report
2.  ADS Profile Report

View Smartlink (V5) Info Page

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