Carroll Depression Scales cds-r

For: Assessment of depressive symptom severity

Reading Level: Year 6, For Ages 18 years & older

Format: PC Based Software (via Smartlink)

Length: 61 Yes/No items – CDS-R (Approx. 20 minutes)
12 Yes/No items – Brief CDS (Less than 5 minutes)

Scoring: Computer Scored


PC Software


CDS-R Manual (softcover)

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Brief CDS Profile Report (V5) – min purchase of 50. Price per report.

For use with Smartlink (V5) software. Minimum purchase of 50 reports. Price per report.
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CDS-R Profile Report (V5) – min purchase of 50. Price per report.

For use with Smartlink (V5) software - minimum purchase of 50 reports. Price per report.
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Sample Reports

CDS-R Sample Profile Report


Bernard Carroll, M.B, Ph.D


The CDS-R is a 61 item, self report inventory which includes all the symptoms of depressive disorders specified in DSM-IV, viz: Major Depression; Dysthymic Disorder; Melancholic Features and Atypical Features. It was derived from the 17 item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale.

Included in these scales, is the Brief CDS, a 12 item self report measure, designed as an efficient screening instrument.

Both the CDS-R and the Brief CDS use a simple Yes/No format, reducing the complexity required by other depression scales and making it particularly useful for those with a significant clinical depression and/or the elderly.

The CDS-R displays excellent levels of both sensitivity and specificity for depression.
Validation studies were conducted in both Australia and the U.S.


  • Australian author.
  • Includes DSM-IV symptomology.
  • Low reading age, simple format.
  • Brief form for screening.


The CDS-R may be be computer scored.  The CDS Version 5 for Windows software (Smartlink) combines the CDS'reliability and validity with easy scoring and provides automatically generated reports for both the CDS-R and Brief CDS.  Respondents can enter their answers directly into the computer or an administrator can enter responses from a previously completed paper & pencil administration.

The Profile Report provides results for a single CDS administration.

Comparative Reports are provided free of charge once two to four computer administrations have been completed, and graphically compares the results from these administrations.

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