Dyadic Adjustment Scale das

For: Adults (Couples)

Reading Level: Year 8

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 5-10 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored




DAS Manual

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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials


DAS Forms (20) 10 of each couple

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Sample Reports

DAS Profile Report


Graham Spanier


The Dyadic Adjustment Scale is a 32 item self-report measure of relationship adjustment. Four factors are reported:

  1. Dyadic Satisfaction;
  2. Dyadic Consensus;
  3. Dyadic Cohesion and
  4. Affectional Expression.

Normative data is provided for married and recently divorced couples.

The scale has good reliability and has been used in many research studies with a wide variety of couples (married, co-habitating, homosexual, divorced), indicating good validity.


  • Brief measure - quickly completed by clients.
  • Wide variety of uses from couples counselling, effectiveness of therapy, at risk assessments, co-morbidity, etc.

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