Davidson Trauma Scales dts

For: Brief measure of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder symptoms

Reading Level: For ages 18 years and older

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 10 minutes administration time

Scoring: Hand Scored


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Jonathan Davidson, M.D.


The Davidson Trauma Scale (DTS) provides a quick and accurate measure of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.  The DTS scale may be used to screen clients at initial evaluation, evaluate psychopathology in trauma victims, assess the effectiveness of treatment and predict treatment success.  The scale covers all types of trauma: accident, combat, sexual, criminal assault, natural disaster, torture, burns, loss of property, near-death experiences and bereavement.  Each item corresponds to a DSM-IV symptom of PTSD, and each symptom is rated in terms of frequency and severity.

Unique features of the DTS scale include the ability to break down the DTS Total score so that frequency and severity can be assessed independently.  The scale also provides subscale scores reflecting the three trauma symptom clusters of DSM-IV: Intrusion, Avoidance/Numbing, and Hyper-arousal.

Developed by Jonathan Davidson, co-chair of the DSM-IV PTSD Task Force and one of the leading authorities in the field, the DTS scale has shown good test-retest and split-half reliability; internal consistency; and concurrent, construct and predictive validity.

The DTS form makes administration, scoring and interpretation easy.  Clients' responses transfer to the underlying scoring page so results can be easily tabulated.  Also integrated into the form is the DTS table that shows the percentage of PTSD and non-PTSD individuals that obtain each DTS score - a great interpretive aid.

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