Feelings, Attitudes and Behaviors Scale for Children fab-c

For: Children ages 6-13 years

Reading Level: Year 3 (may be read to poor readers)

Format: Paper-and-Pencil; Online (via MHS Scoring Organiser)

Length: Approx. 15 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored; Online


Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials


FAB-C Forms (25)

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Manual; 25 Forms
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Online Forms, Administrations and Reports


FAB-C Profile Report (online) – each

Each - presents scores graphically and numerically to summarise the results of each administration.
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Sample Reports

FAB-C Sample Profile Report


Joseph H. Bietchman


The FAB-C is a 48 item, Yes/No instrument designed to assess a range of emotional and behavioural problems in children (6-13 years of age). The FAB-C scales are: Conduct Problems; Self-Image; Worry; Negative Peer Relations and Anti-Social Attitudes. Also included is a scale for assessing test-taking attitudes ("fake-good" and "fake-bad") and an overall "Problem Index", useful for identifying children who may need a more detailed assessment.


  • Efficient self-report measure of a range of childhood problems.
  • Includes lie scale and Problem Index.
  • May be read to young children/poor readers.

Key Areas Measured

  • Conduct problems
  • Self-image
  • Worry
  • Negative Peer Relations
  • Antisocial
  • Lie
  • Problem Index


FAB-C is currently offered in an online format for use with the MHS Scoring Organiser.  MHS Scoring Organiser is an internet-based client management program and is free to set up  with your purchase of MHS online reports.  MHS Scoring Organiser helps you manage all your MHS online asssessment tools.  You may instantly generate reports and customise them to suit your purpose.  You may then save, print, export, or integrate the results with your MHS Professional Tool Suite software programs.  You may also track your report uses.
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