Family Assessment Measure-III fam-iii

A multi-rater and multi-generational assessment of family functioning
Authors: Harvey A. Skinner, Ph.D. , Paul D. Steinhauer, M.D. , Jack Santa-Barbara, Ph.D.
Reading Level: 10 years & older, Self-report, Family-Completed
Format: Paper-and-Pencil; Online (via MHS Online Assessment Center+)
Length: Approx. 20 minutes per form
Scoring: Hand Scored;  Online

Minimum order - 5 online reports

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FAM-III Dyadic Relationship Scale Online Report (each)

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Harvey A. Skinner, Ph.D; Paul D. Steinhauser, M.D. & Jack Santa-Barbara, Ph.D


The FAM-III is unique in its ability to provide a multilevel (within family) assessment of family functioning across seven universal clinical parameters and two validity scales.  The FAM-III’s capacity for differentiation makes it suited for clinical assessment and monitoring response to treatment.


Based on the Process Model of Family Functioning, the FAM-III can be completed by pre-adolescent, adolescent and adult family members.

It consists of three types of forms:

  • 50-item General Scale – examines overall family health
  • 42-item Dyadic Relationship Scale – examines how a family member views his or her relationship with another family member
  • 42-item Self-Rating Scale – allows each person to rate his or her own functioning within the family

By comparing the three scales to each other, you obtain a rich picture of how family members view levels of family interaction.

The seven parameters are:

  • Task Accomplishment
  • Communication
  • Role Performance
  • Social Desirability
  • Control
  • Affective Expression
  • Defensiveness
  • Involvement
  • Values and Norms


The FAM-III may be hand scored.  The client’s responses are transferred through to a hidden scoring page where you are guided through simple calculations to obtain scores for profiling.

Two types of profiles are available:

  1. the FAM-III ColorPlot of Family Perceptions is colour coded and present results in an easy-to-understand manner;
  2. the Progress ColorPlot shows changes in family functioning over time.

With the release of the online version of the FAM-III, you can now assess online through a secure and easy to use website, the MHS Online Assessment Center.  Administer, score, and generate reports quickly and efficiently.

MHS Online Assessment Center+ (MAC+) 

The MHS Online Assessment Center+ offers access to online forms, administration scoring and report generation at a fraction of the cost of traditional paper or software assessments. If you choose to purchase online reports on the MHS Online Assessment Center+, you will:

  • Save time, by never having to order paper forms again
  • Enjoy the convenience of assessing tests from your home, your office, and anywhere with a computer and internet connection
  • Receive instantly generated reports
  • Benefit from significant cost savings

View the list of online reports available in the MHS Online Assessment Center+.

There is also a Brief FAM which is ideal for preliminary screening.  It provides an overview of family functioning and may be administered and scored in 5 to 10 minutes. (See Brief FAM product page on this website for further information.)

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