Mind Body Wellness Geriatric Rehabilitation and Restorative Assessment System Software Portfolio grras-sp

For: Generates and scores all three instruments of the GRRAS

Reading Level: Adult - Elder Adult

Format: Paper-and-Pencil, PC Based Software

Length: Varies

Scoring: Computer Scored


Sample Reports

GRRAS Score Report – Patient Information
GRRAS Progress Monitoring Report – Patient Information
GRRAS Quick Note – Patient Information


P. Andrew Clifford, PhD, Kristi D. Roper, PhD, Daisha J. Cipher, PhD, and PAR Staff


The GRRAS-SP is used to score and generate reports for the Mind Body Wellness Geriatric Rehabilitation and Restorative Assessment System. After the examiner enters the client's demographic information and GRRAS scores, the program generates up to three useful and informative reports:

  • The GRRAS Score Report includes a description of the GRRAS measures and components, a Score Summary Table, Scale and Cluster Score Profiles, an Item Summary Table, Brief Scale and Cluster Score Interpretations, Item Score Profiles, and a Critical Elevation Care Plan. The Critical Elevation Care Plan provides basic recommendations for critical items and elevated scales.
  • The GRRAS Progress Monitoring Report includes a Longitudinal Assessment Summary Table, Scale and Cluster Score Profiles, Longitudinal Item Summary Tables, and Item Score Profiles. Up to three protocols can be selected from the client's prior history to compare to the current protocol.
  • The GRRAS Quick Note Report includes a Score Summary Table and a Critical Item Summary Table and is designed for easy placement in a resident's clinical chart.

To obtain comparisons between the client's scores and those of others, the examiner may choose a comparison group (i.e., General Unaffected, General Affected, Dementia, Pain) for each report. The easy-to-use software enables the examiner to edit reports, organise protocols into individual client files, and compare a client's prior administrations. The system is user-friendly, allowing for simple program navigation and file handling as well as easy viewing of the On-Screen Software Manual.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10;

Mac users: install Windows in VirtualBox or BootCamp.

Other virtual machine solutions (e.g., Parallels, VMWare) are not supported.


NTFS file system; CD-ROM drive for installation; Internet connection or telephone for software activation.

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