Halstead Russell Neuropsychological Evaluation System, Revised hrnes-r

For: Integrates scores from a range of neuropsychological tests, making it easier to tailor an exam to the patient’s particular needs

Reading Level: Adult

Format:  PC Based Software

Length: N/A

Scoring: Computer Scored

Computer Scoring Materials


HRNES-R Manual, including supplement

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HRNES-R Recording Booklet (10)

Pack of 10.
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HRNES-R Kit with CD

Includes HRNES-R Manual; 10 Recording Booklets; Unlimited-use HRNES-R CD (requires PC with one megabyte of free hard disk space and Windows 98, ME, XP or 2000) (For Vista compatibility call PAA).
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Sample Reports

HRNES-R Sample Test Report


Elbert W. Russell, Ph.D., and Regina I. Starkey


This convenient computer scoring system, available on an unlimited-use CD, makes it easier to tailor your neuropsychological exam to the patient's particular needs.

Using a sophisticated scaling system based on 10 index tests, HRNES-R lets you score measures from both the Halstead-Reitan Battery and clinical practice. You may choose from a range of tests measuring executive, cognitive, language, motor, and perceptual functions, as well as immediate, recent, incidental, rote and remote memory.

The HRNES-R program takes raw scores from the tests you choose to administer, corrects the raw scores for age and education, and converts the raw scores to scaled scores. (If it is available, premorbid IQ can be entered to make the corrections even more precise.) This gives you a thorough, accurate, and highly individualised assessment. The revised edition comes with a manual supplement that gives you access to the norms for each test in the battery (including the WRAT-3, WAIS-III, PPVT-III, AND WMS-III); the age and education corrections; and the predicted scores that these corrections are based.

HRNES-R generates three overall indexes of brain function:

  • Percent Score-The proportion of index test scores in the brain-damaged range
  • Average Index Score-The mean score for 10 index tests, indicating both the presence and  degree of impairment
  • Lateralisation Key-Low scores reflect left-hemisphere impairment; high scores suggest right-hemisphere damage.

All HRNES-R tests were normed at the same time on the same sample of 776 people (576 brain-damaged individuals and 200 normals). Because they are keyed to the index measures, HRNES-R scores are equivalent across tests: The same score on two different measures reflects the same level of impairment. So you may easily compare scores across tests or groups of tests, which is crucial to effective pattern analysis.

The HRNES-R program is easy to work with. The Recording Booklet parallels the program, so you may move through it rapidly, entering data as you go. A Score Averaging Function automatically calculates a basis for comparison among and between scores. And a File Export Function allows you to collect HRNES-R data, reformat it, and retrieve it later.

The HRNES-R Tests(You can select measures according to the patient's needs and the purpose of testing)

Index Tests

Additional Tests

Trails B
Lateral Dominance Exam, Pt 1
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test 3rd Ed

Category Test or Short Category Test, Booklet Format
Lateral Dominance Exam, Pt 2  (including Grip Strength)
Boston Naming Test

Index Finger Tapping
Trails B
Grooved Pegboard Test

Digit Symbol (WAIS-III)
Wechsler Memory Scale, 3rd Ed
Gestalt Identification Test

Tactual Performance Test- Total Time
Tactual Performance Test
Design Fluency Test

Tactual Performance Test--Memory
Rhythm Test
Corsi Board

Speech Perception Test
Miami Selective Learning Test

Block Design (WAIS-III)
H-Words Test
All WAIS, WAIS-R, or WAIS-III subtests

Aphasia Screening Test
HRNES-R Analogies Test

Perceptual Disorders Exam

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