Level of Service/Case Management Inventory lscmi

For: 18 years and older
A risk/need assessment & treatment planning system for offenders

Reading Level: Semi-structured interview

Format: Paper-and-Pencil, PC Based Software (Smartlink)

Length: 20-30 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored, Computer Scored


Hand Scoring Materials


LS/CMI Case Management Forms (25)

Pack of 25
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LS/CMI ColorPlot Profile Forms

Pack of 25.
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LS/CMI Interview Guides

Pack of 25.
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LS/CMI Offender History Forms

Pad of 25.
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LS/CMI QuikScore Forms

Pack of 25
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LS/CMI Scoring Guide

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LS/CMI User’s Manual

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Test Materials


LS/CMI Interview Guides

Pack of 25.
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LS/CMI Complete Kit

Includes User's Manual; Scoring Guide; 25 Interview Guides; 25 Offender History Forms; 25 QuikScore Forms; 25 ColorPlot Profile Forms and 25 Case Management Forms
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Computer Generated Reports


LS/CMI Profile Reports (V.5) – each

For use with Smartlink (V.5) software.
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Sample Reports

LS-CMI Profile Report


Don Andrews, Ph.D., James Bonta, Ph.D., & J Stephen Wormith, Ph.D.


Meet the fourth generation of risk assessment and the most comprehensive and current product of its kind.

The LS/CMI is the next step from the LSI-R inventory.  It combines risk assessment and case management into one evidence-based system.  All the necessary tools are here in one single application.

The LS/CMI helps probation officers, psychologists and correctional workers to assess offenders' rehabilitation needs.  The interview guide allows you to survey the offender's attributes and life situation, enabling you to assess the persons risk of recidivism and produce a quantitative assessment of the factors most relevant to the level of service, supervision and programming required.

A case management plan provides a summary of the criminogenic and non-criminogenic needs, as well as special responsivity considerations to be targeted during supervision.  A progress record provides a running log of activities designed to measure changes in the client's situation resulting from case management strategies.  A discharge summary sums up the offender's status at discharge and any recommendations for the future.

The LS/CMI was normed on 157,947 North American youth and adult offenders - 60,156 US adult and youth offenders from 10 jurisdictions and 97,791 Canadian community and institutionalised adult and youth offenders.

Key Areas Measured

  • Criminal History
  • Education/Employment
  • Family/Marital
  • Leisure/Recreation
  • Companions
  • Alcohol/Drug Problems
  • Attitudes/Orientation
  • Criminogenic and Non-Criminogenic Needs
  • Responsivity
  • Case Management

The LS/CMI can be hand or computer scored.  Computer scoring is completed using the Smartlink (V5) software on your personal computer.

View Smartlink (V5) information page.

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