Level of Service Inventory-Revised: Screening Version lsi-r-sv

For:  A risk/needs screening assessment for offender treatment planning

Reading Level:  Semi-structured interview for use with persons 16 years of age and older

Format: Paper-and-Pencil, PC Based Software (Smartlink)

Length: 10-15 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored, Computer Scored


Computer Scoring Materials


LSI-R:SV Users Manual

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Hand Scoring Materials


LSI-R:SV Forms (25)

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LSI-R:SV Interview Guides (25)

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LSI-R:SV Interview Guides/Forms (25 pack)

25 each of LSI-R: Screening Version Interview guides and Forms.
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LSI-R:SV Users Manual

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LSI-R:SV Complete Kit

Users Manual; 25 Interview Guides; 25 Forms
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Computer Generated Reports


LSI-R:SV (V5) Profile Report – Min. purchase of 10. Price per report.

Minimum purchase of 10 reports. Price per report. For use with Smartlink V5 computer software.
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D.A. Andrews & James L. Bonta


The LSI-R:SV consists of 8 of the 54 items contained in the full  Level of Service Inventory-Revised.  It was designed to provide a time and cost efficient system to establish whether the full LSI-R should be administered. The 8 items reflect the "big four" risk factors viz criminal history; criminal attitudes; criminal associates and anti-social personality patterns. Domains of employment, family and substance abuse are also sampled.

The LSI-R and the LSI-R:SV were both designed to assist prison systems plan for the needs of prisoners while they are in prison and also to assist in predicting likely recidivism.


  • Efficient screener of risk and needs.
  • Highly correlated with full LSI-R.
  • Large normative data base for male and female inmates and probationers.

The LSI-R:SV V.5 software comes with Smartlink, a free client-management program that offers fast report generation, enhanced client-searching capabilities, easy access from your Windows desktop, flexibile multi-user security and scalability for growth to networks of any size.  The LSI-R:SV V.5 software may also be customised for enterprise-wide use with existing client-management systems.

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