Level of Service Inventory-Revised lsi-r

For: A risk/needs assessment for offender treatment planning and placement for 16 years and older

Reading Level: Structured interview

Format: Paper-and-Pencil, PC Based Software (Smartlink)

Length: 30-45 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored, Computer Scored


Computer Scoring Materials


LSI-R Data Entry Sheets (50)

Pack of 50. Optional for use when computer scoring.
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LSI-R Manual

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Hand Scoring Materials


LSI-R ColorPlot Profile Forms (25)

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LSI-R Forms (25)

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LSI-R Manual

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LSI-R Training DVD Series

This training DVD series presents a non-technical approach to using the LSI-R. Ideal for training correctional staff; this DVD covers theoretical rationale; two decades of research and scoring procedures. Practice LSI-R scoring procedures by watching an LSI-R interview and completing the LSI-R before a rating explanation is given. Volume 1: Theoretical rationale; Volume II: Summary of research and evidence; Volume III: Interview and scoring demonstration. Includes 3 DVD's and set of handbooks.
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Test Materials


LSI-R ColorPlot Profile Forms (25)

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LSI-R Manual

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LSI-R Complete Kit

Manual; 25 Interview Guides; 25 Forms; 25 ColorPlot Profile Forms
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Computer Generated Reports


LSI-R Profile Report (V5) – Min. purchase of 10 reports. Price per report.

Minimum purchase of 10 reports. Price per report. For use with Smartlink V5 computer software.
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Sample Reports

LSI-R Profile Report
LSI-R Group Report
LSI-R Comparative Report


Don Andrews, Ph.D. and James Bonta, Ph.D.


The LSI-R is a quantitative survey of attributes of offenders and their situations relevant to level of supervision and treatment decisions.  Designed for ages 16 and older, the LSI-R helps predict parole outcome, success in correctional halfway houses, institutional misconducts and recidivism.

The 54 items are based on legal requirements and include relevant factors needed for making decisions about risk and treatment.  The LSI-R Manual explains the use of the LSI-R and summarises research studies on its reliability and validity.

The LSI-R can be used by probation and parole officers and correctional workers at jails, detention facilities, and correctional halfway houses to assist in the allocation of resources, help make decisions about probation and placement, make appropriate security level classifications and assess treatment progress.

Paper-and-Pencil (Hand Scored)

Administered on paper, the LSI-R Interview Guide provides a protocol proven effective in obtaining the information required for you to complete the Quikscore Form, which automatically transfers results through to the underlying scoring page.  Simply total the score and transfer it to the ColourPlot Profile to determine the appropriate level of service.


Using information about the offender obtained through various sources (eg criminal records, interviews, etc), you can use the LSI-R Version 5 for Windows to respond to the items as they appear on the screen using the mouse or keyboard.  You can also use the QuikEntry feature to enter responses from a paper and pencil administration for automatic scoring.  The resulting Profile Report provides security classification information based on the overall assessment score.

The LSI-R V.5 software comes with Smartlink, a free client-management program that offers fast report generation, enhanced client-searching capabilities, easy access from your Windows desktop, flexibile multiuser security and scalability for growth to networks of any size.  The LSI-R V.5 software can also be customised for enterprise-wide use with existing client-management systems.

View Smartlink (V5) information page.

  • Key Areas Measured
  • Criminal History
  • Education/Employment
  • Financial
  • Family/Marital
  • Accommodation
  • Leisure/Recreation
  • Companions
  • Alcohol/Drug Problem
  • Emotional/Personal
  • Attitudes/Orientation

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