Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale panss

For: An assessment of schizophrenia for ages 18 years and older

Reading Level: Interview

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 30-40 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored


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Stanley R. Kay, Ph.D., Lewis A. Opler, M.D., Ph.D., and Abraham Fiszbein, M.D.


The PANSS assessment helps you evaluate schizophrenia.  It provides a broad-based, standardised evaluation of psychopathology dimensions that help to characterise a client's clinical profile and monitor treatment changes.  The PANSS assessment is based on findings that schizophrenia comprises at least two distinct syndromes:  the positive syndrome consists of productive symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions and usually responds well to neuroleptic treatment; the negative syndrome consists of deficit features such as blunted affect and passive social withdrawal, which incidates poor premorbid status, neuroleptic resistance, and poor prognosis.

The PANSS assessment consists of a 30- to 40-minute formalised psychiatric interview in which 30 symptoms are rated on a 7-point scale.  The assessment yields separate scores along nine clinical dimensions including the positive and negative syndromes, depression, a Composite Index and general psychopathology.

You have the option of using the standard Dimensional scoring, which is more focused on schizophrenia, or the new Pentagonal method of scoring, which is applicable to a wider range of populations (eg depression).  The Pentagonal method uses 25 PANSS items organised into five scales:  Negative, Positive, Dysphoric Mood, Activation and Autistic Preoccupation.

With the PANSS Form, your responses transfer through to a hidden scoring page where you are guided through simple calculations to obtain scores.  Raw scores are plotted on a Profile Sheet for quick conversion to T-scores.

Key Areas Measured

  • Positive Scale
  • Negative Scale
  • Composite Index
  • General Psychopathology Scale
  • Supplemental Aggression Risk Profile

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