Spousal Assault Risk Assessment Guide sara

For: An assessment of the likelihood of domestic violence in males aged 18 years+

Reading Level: Nil

Format: Semi-structured interview - Paper-and-Pencil
Collation of other assessments

Length: 20 items, 60-90 minutes to administer

Scoring: Hand Scored


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SARA Assessment Forms (25)

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SARA Manual

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SARA Complete Kit

Manual; 25 Checklist Forms; 25 Assessment Forms
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P. Randall Kropp; Stephen D. Hart; Christopher D. Webster & Derek Eaves


The SARA is a set of professional guidelines intended to aid decision-making in a wide range of contexts. It presents a framework within which to assess the risk of future violence in men arrested for spousal assault and was developed as part of a victim protection initiative in British Columbia, Canada. Data is collected through semi-structured interview, files and from other assessments (eg, alcohol/drug abuse, personality disorders, etc) and coded under 20 risk factor categories. Although the authors warn against glib interpretations of a single combined risk rating score, normative data from over 2,000 Canadian offenders is provided to assist interpretation of results.


  • Well-developed list of risk factors for spousal assault.
  • Assists professional decision-making.

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