Clarke Sex History Questionnaire-Revised shq-r

For: Assessment of risk to others and likelihood of treatment success

Reading Level: For males aged 18 years and older

Format: Paper-and-Pencil, PC Based Software (via Smartlink)

Length: Approx. 60-90 minutes, self-report

Scoring:  Computer Scored

Computer Generated Reports


SHQ-R Comprehensive Computer Report (V5) – each. Min purchase 10 reports.

For use on Smartlink software on your computer. Cost is per report. Minimum purchase of 10 reports required.
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Computer Scoring Materials


SHQ-R Data Entry Sheets (25)

Pack of 25 Data Entry Sheets. For use with SHQ-R Item Booklets. For use with Smartlink V5 computer software.
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SHQ-R Item Booklets (3)

Pack of 3 item booklets for use with separate data entry sheets. For use with Smartlink V5 computer software.
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Sample Reports

SHQ-R Sample Report


Ron Langevin, PhD. & Dan Paitich, PhD.


Twenty-three scales provide a comprehensive sexual history to help evaluate an offender's risk to others and potential for rehabilitation.  The SHQ-R questionnaire determines a respondent's specific sexual experiences and also investigates history of:

  • voyeurism
  • sexual dysfunction
  • exhibitionism, transvestism
  • toucheruism
  • fetishism
  • frotteurism
  • fantasy
  • sexual abuse
  • exposure to pornography


The SHQ-R is computer scored either using the PAA Scoring Bureau Service (mail in/fax in/email in service) or through Smartlink (V5) computer software administered and managed on your computer.  A respondent may complete a live administration into the software on your computer, or alternatively you may use the quick entry feature to enter paper-and-pencil responses for quick scoring and recording.

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