Tennessee Self-Concept Scale: Second Edition tscs2

For: The Second Edition updates a classic test, providing easier scoring and the ability to measure self-concept across the life span

Reading Level: Ages 7 to 90 years

Format: Paper-and-Pencil, PC Based Software

Length: 10-20 minutes

Scoring:  Hand Scored;  Computer Scored




TSCS: 2 Kit

Includes Manual; 24 AutoScore Answer Forms (12 for Adults and 12 for Children)
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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials


TSCS:2 Adult AutoScore Form (25)

Pack of 25.
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TSCS:2 Child AutoScore (25)

Pack of 25.
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PC Software



For use on PC with Windows 98, ME, XP, or 2000. (For Vista compatibility, call PAA). Each CD ROM is good for 25 uses (Adult or Child Form).
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TSCS:2 PC Answer Sheet (100)

Pad of 100.
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Sample Reports

TSCS-2 Sample Report


William H. Fitts, Ph.D. and W. L. Warren, Ph.D.


The Tennessee Self-Concept Scale is one of the most popular measures of self-concept in children, adolescents and adults, offers norms down to age 7 years, simplified scoring procedures, and guidance in interpreting scores and designing therapeutic interventions.

The test gives you 15 scores, including an Academic/Work Score that tells you how respondents see themselves in school and job settings:

Self-Concept Scores

  • Physical
  • Moral
  • Personal
  • Family
  • Social
  • Academic/Work

Summary Scores

  • Total Self-Concept
  • Conflict

Supplementary Scores

  • Identity
  • Satisfaction
  • Behaviour

Validity Scores

  • Inconsistent
  • Responding
  • Self-Criticism
  • Faking Good
  • Response Distribution

Standardised on a nationwide sample of more than 3,000 people from ages 7 to 90 years, the TSCS:2 is available in Adult and Child Forms. This downward extension allows you to use the test to evaluate self-concept across the life span.

Each form may be group or individually administered in just 10 to 20 minutes. The Adult Form, written at a third-grade reading level, is designed for individuals ages 13 years and older. The Child Form, written at a second-grade level, can be used with ages 7 to 14 years.

The first 20 items on either version serve as a Short Form, which is convenient when you need only a quick summary of self-concept. The TSCS:2 may be hand scored in just 10 minutes. Scoring procedures have been simplified considerably, and the Manual includes extensive interpretive guidance, as well as detailed case studies and recommendations regarding therapeutic intervention.

The TSCS:2 may also be computer scored, via CD.  The report generated has been designed for clarity and ease of use.

Sample Report 

TSCS:2 Sample Report

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