Woodcock Interpretation & Instructional Intervention Program wiiip

Authors: Dr. Frederic Schrank and Barbara Wendling

For: Appropriate for use with examinees aged 2–22 as a supplement to the WJ IV and/or ECAD.

Format: Combination of interview/Paper-and-Pencil format. PC Based Software for scoring & reporting.

Scoring: Computer Scored

For product details please go to WJ IV Australasian Adaptation

Sample Reports

WIIIP assessment service bulletin

The new WIIIP® provides a detailed interpretation of student performance on the WJ IV™ and offers personalised, evidence-based interventions and strategies based on an examinee’s scores. The new WIIIP expands on the already significant library of previous versions, offering hundreds of new interventions and accommodations not available anywhere else.

The interventions and accommodations offered in WIIIP provide actionable steps for schools and practitioners working on problem-solving teams, and can serve as an ideal solution for implementing discrepancy models or Response to Intervention (RtI) processes.

WIIIP also offers a number of unique checklists that can help provide critical anecdotal testing information:

  • Reason for Referral Checklist
  • Parent’s Checklist: School Age
  • Teacher’s Checklist: School Age
  • Parent’s Checklist: Preschool Age
  • Teacher’s Checklist: Preschool Age
  • Classroom Behavior Observation Form
  • Self-Report Checklist: Adolescent/Adult
  • Writing Evaluation Scale

Kit includes scoring program USB and Overview of the WJ IV Interpretation & Instructional Interventions Program for WJ IV Australasian Adaptation.