Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory 2.0 ylscmi-2-0

For: Assesses risk/needs to classify and predict re-offending within male/female juvenile populations

Reading Level: Semi-structured interview; Professional-completed

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 30-40 minutes administration time

Scoring: Hand Scored


Hand Scoring Materials


YLS/CMI 2.0 Case Management Forms (25)

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YLS/CMI 2.0 Interview Guides (25)

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YLS/CMI 2.0 Quikscore Forms (25)

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YLS/CMI 2.0 Users Manual

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YLS/CMI 2.0 Complete Kit

Kit includes YLS/CMI 2.0 User's Manual, 25 Quikscore forms, 25 Case management forms, 25 interview guides.
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Released Early 2011


R.D. Hodge, PhD and D.A. Andrews, PhD


The Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory 2.0 (YLS/CMI 2.0) is a gender- and culturally-informed, strength-focused risk/needs tool that reliably and accurately classifies and predicts re-offending within male and female juvenile populations.

Created for both genders, the YLS/CMI 2.0 includes new features to address needs of a growing adolescent offender population:

  • Expanded age range - 12 to 18 years.
  • Large U.S. sample of over 15,000 juveniles.
  • Significant minority representation in normative sample.
  • U.S. norms by gender and setting.
  • Updated literature review.
  • Improved definitions for non-criminogenic factors.
  • Guidelines that instruct users to consider gender-specific factors, as well as, the importance of minor risk/need factors and non-criminogenic needs.
  • Assessment items that address gender-informed responsivity factors - such as pregnancy/motherhood issues and physical/sexual victimisation issues.
  • Assessment items that address culturally-informed responsivity factors.

In addition, the YLS/CMI 2.0 provides an opportunity for users to evaluate positive offender attributes so that offender strengths may be highlighted and built upon in service delivery.

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