A trusted, ground-breaking leader in individually administered assessments, the new Woodcock Johnson Fourth Edition (WJ IV) – Australasian Adaptation is now available. The WJ IV comprehensive system offers the ease of use and flexibility examiners need to accurately evaluate learning problems and improve instructional outcomes for children and adults in a way that no other assessment can.

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The WJ IV consists of three independent and co-normed batteries, which may be used separately or in any combination, emphasising the identification of individual strengths and weaknesses by providing comparisons both within each battery and across batteries:

  • WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities
  • WJ IV Tests of Achievement
  • WJ IV Tests of Oral Language – NEW!


  • Patterns of strengths and weaknesses identified through an easy-to-use test and cluster comparison procedure.
  • Australian norms (Standard Batteries)
  • Updated and expanded interpretive model.
  • New domain-specific scholastic aptitude clusters that allow for efficient and valid predictions of academic achievement.
  • WJ IV Australian Adaptation Scoring Software (PC only) allows examiners to easily enter raw scores, assessment data, and test session observations for any test in the WJ IV suite of assessments on their computer to quality and easily generate reports.


  • New! WJ IV Tests of Oral Language battery which supplements the Cognitive and Achievement batteries to provide measures of oral language, phonetic coding, and speed of lexical access for a more comprehensive evaluation of cognitive abilities or achievement.
  • Patterns of strengths and weaknesses are a readily obtainable component of any evaluation.
  • Yields a new Gf-Gc Composite for comparison to measures of cognitive processing, oral language and achievement.
  • Increased diagnostic sensitivity.
  • Utilises the most diagnostically useful system for current and future assessment needs.
  • Provides the most efficient use of testing time.
  • Offers greater administration flexibility and interpretive clarity.
  • Supports multidisciplinary evaluation with three distinct, independent batteries.
  • Pinpoints cognitive and language correlates of learning problems, allowing professionals to more accurately target interventions.

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