Key Components of the LightSail Literacy Solution


  • Students take a benchmark assessment before starting to read on the platform
  • The system automatically assesses comprehension & Lexile® growth with embedded vocabulary cloze items
  • Every 15 days, LightSail assesses each student’s reading level, expressed as a Lexile® value
  • Based on the student’s Lexile® level, the system automatically personalises the recommended books in their library
  • Student literacy-skills growth — and love for reading — is fostered as they alternate between Power Texts within their Zone of Proximal Development and free reading time

writing solutions

  • Students engage in comprehensive digital writing experiences
  • Authentic Writing — 21st-century writing skills development with creative options for real-world content creation
  • Student-Authored Books — Students publish fiction & non-fiction books with multimedia options, including embedded images & YouTube videos
  • Teacher-Authored Books — Teachers publish books & resources to support classroom learning for specific student needs, also with multimedia options to enhance learning


  • Create class & personalised read-aloud, retelling, listening, and writing assignments with LightSail’s Fluency Builder
  • Generate continuous records and effortlessly identify omission, insertion, mispronunciation, substitution, repetition, or self-correction errors
  • The LightSail system auto-calculates accurate WCPM (words correct per minute)
  • Results are stored online for effortless tracking and monitoring of progress over time


  • Personalised Reader – supporting individualized accommodations for struggling readers, especially those challenged with dyslexia, ADHD, & visual impairments
  • 60 different tools to customize the Personalised Reader and adapt it to each student’s needs with options to save in individual templates
  • Teachers can begin by selecting specialized templates developed by expert SPED educators for specific learning needs & then adjust to support individual needs
  • WCAG 2.1 Accessibility features compatible with JAWS® & NVDA accessible reader


  • 10,000 Lexiled, authentic, diverse, high-interest fiction and nonfiction English and Spanish titles included with LS-10,000 student license
  • More than 40,000 US-educator developed, standards-aligned question items embedded within books
  • Included e-book library for every student valued at $110,000
  • 4,500 titles from the award-winning Rosen Publishing Group
  • 1,600 Antares Reading™ leveled readers
  • 3,500 Curated LightSail & Public Domain Classics
  • 13,000 Audiobook Classics with human-narration curated from public domain titles
  • Alternate content and license options available to meet school and district budget needs
  • Integrated e-Bookstore – purchase or rent from thousands of additional award-winning popular and contemporary fiction & nonfiction titles from the world’s leading publishers.


  • Teacher-led & Student-led group reading supporting individual accommodations with LightSail Adaptive eReader & Personalised Reader mode
  • Each student is empowered to discreetly see & experience the text with their individual accommodations while maintaining the synchronicity of the read-aloud for the whole group.
  • Built-in rubric, badge-awards, & chat enables teachers to seamlessly grade, award, and communicate with students individually during the read-aloud


  • Import cross-curricular content from anywhere in seconds
  • Import from websites, ePUB, PDFs, and Docs
  • Import in any language
  • Create question & assessments instantly
  • Align questions to reading skills standards
  • Add comprehension cloze questions to your imported text
  • Share with your district library and colleagues
  • Create units and share them with your students and colleagues
  • Grade assignments using rubrics
  • Create site-level units that can be shared with peers and students


  • Word Journeys Module for personalised vocabulary & grammar study within the books that students read
  • Exposing students to and helping them practice targeted vocabulary, parts of speech, syllabification, punctuation, & grammar contextually in the books they read on LightSail
  • Flexible options to initiate and drive journeys (activities) and assessments by teacher and / or the LightSail algorithm
  • Build confidence for all learners, especially struggling and emergent readers & ELL.
  • Encourage mastery of concepts with remediation, including digital and printable worksheets individualized per student progress


  • Versatile and easy-to-set-up reading & grammar tournaments for classrooms, schools, or districts
  • Bracketed or leader board tournaments drive reading & grammar engagement with constructive, healthy competition.
  • Multiple metrics allow for equity and inclusion for all students, especially when measured by cloze score
  • Embedded tools for engaging community sponsors and families


  • LightSail is dedicated to transparency of data and to demonstrating the performance improvement in student literacy outcomes and ROI for districts, schools, donor organizations, and literacy-focused initiatives
  • Robust reporting functionality provides extensive data and insights of student progress & student and educator engagement at the individual, class, grade, school, district, state, and regional / country level


  • Enable educator – parent/guardian – learner collaboration
  • Learners transition seamlessly between @home & @school work, with hybrid capabilities as needed
  • Versatile teacher-controlled chat and communication functionality
  • Supplementary and personalised printable worksheets for grammar & vocabulary remediation and enrichment

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