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TestWise is a web-based platform that enables you to test your students’ education, mental health and well-being, using the online assessments below.

The TestWise platform provides access to a variety of educational/school based assessments which are usually restricted to schools.  These tests can be used for Gifted & Talented identification, Reading and Spelling achievement as well as School Engagement/Student well-being.

This platform allows for the administration, scoring and reporting of a range of educational assessments published by GL Education in the UK.

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TestWise accounts are generally established for schools wishing to purchase GL digital assessments and take form 5 to 7 days to set up. GL Education will contact schools directly with TestWise account details (log on and password).

Purchases of the digital versions of GL educational assessments cover test administration, scoring and reporting. There is sometimes an additional charge for additional reports such as individual student reports for parents. Minimum purchase is generally 5 assessments. However, this can vary and you should check details on the test product pages below.

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Available assessments

Dyscalculia/Dyslexia Screener

Dyslexia Screener, Portfolio and Guidance Dyslexia Screener is an important first stage asset to any Special Educational Needs Teacher (SENT) or Learning Support Teacher (LST) who has concerns about a student. An ideal follow-up is the Dyslexia Portfolio, an in-depth, individual assessment that provides a comprehensive…
Level M

Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition

The Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition (CAT4) has been developed and normed in the UK.  It consists of four different tests designed to measure different aspects of cognitive functioning that are all predictive of academic outcomes. By measuring a student’s ability to reason with different types…
Level M

Pupil Attitudes to Self and School

Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) provides vital insight into students’ attitudes and mindsets that may be having a negative impact on their attainment. Developed by a team of chartered educational psychologists and four universities over a number of years, the PASS digital survey…
Level M

New Group Spelling Test

New Group Spelling Test (NGST), developed and normed in the UK,  is an adaptive assessment which allows regular monitoring of spelling skills. When combined with the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) you can assess reading and spelling together in under an hour. Customised implications for…
Level C, M

New Group Reading Test

The New Group Reading Test (NGRT), developed and normed in the UK,  enables you to assess your students’ reading and comprehension skills in a single test – helping to identify those students who may need further support and benchmarking their performance against other students of the same…
Level M, C