New Group Spelling Test ngst

For: 7 to 14+ Years

Reading Level: Audio presentation (UK accent)

Format: Online through GL Education's TestWise platform

Length: 20 - 30 minutes

Scoring: Online

Online Forms, Administrations and Reports


NGST – SINGLE USE (one administration of the NGST in a year)

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NGST – THRICE (three administrations of the NGST in a year)

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NGST – TWICE (two administrations of the NGST in a year)

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Sample Reports

NGST Group Report for Teachers
NGST Individual Student Report for Teachers
NGST Progress Report
Reading and Spelling Group Report for Teachers
Reading and Spelling Individual Student Report for Teachers

New Group Spelling Test (NGST), developed and normed in the UK,  is an adaptive assessment which allows regular monitoring of spelling skills. When combined with the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) you can assess reading and spelling together in under an hour. Customised implications for teaching and learning in each individual report offer practical help with next steps in the classroom.

The New Group Spelling Test (NGST) allows teachers to assess spelling ability benchmarked against the national average (UK), and monitor progress.

All questions are delivered via audio. The test is fully adaptive which means that the material adapts to the student’s ability.

The New Group Spelling Test has two sections:

  • Single word section - tests five or six spelling rules.
  • Spelling in context section - tests a variety of different spelling rules using sentence completion tasks.


Data is presented in visually accessible tables, bar charts and scatter graphs that allow for easy comparison, as well as clear narrative explanations that explain the pupil profile and its implications for teaching and learning.

The diagnostic information provided together with the ability to measure impact pre and post intervention makes NGST a valuable assessment.

How can I use the New Group Spelling Test with the New Group Reading Test?

  • You can choose to compare spelling and reading together
  • Spelling and reading reports combining and comparing scores from both tests – SAS, stanine and age equivalent scores