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Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System, Third Edition

Authors Patti Harrison, Ph.D., and Thomas Oakland, Ph.D. Description Online Administration & Scoring Portal Available (via WPS Online Evaluation System) – Contact PAA to establish an online account. The ABAS-3 includes new norms, updated item content, improved ease of use and an Intervention Planner that spans the full…
Level B, M, C

Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Function, Second Edition

Related Products BRIEF-A BRIEF-P Contact PAA today to set up your PARiConnect online account to utilise online administration, scoring and reporting. Authors Gerard A. Gioia, PhD; Peter K. Isquith, PhD; Steven C Guy, PhD; and Lauren Kenworthy, PhD The BRIEF 2 Interpretive Guide The BRIEF…
Level B, M, C

Child and Adolescent Memory Profile

Authors Elisabeth M.S. Sherman, PhD, and Brian L. Brooks, PhD Description The ChAMP is a norm-referenced test of memory for use with children, adolescents, and young adults that allows both in-depth memory evaluation and memory screening. Features and benefits Based on the latest neuroscience research…
Level A, M

Childrens Memory Scale

Description The Children’s Memory Scale (CMS) is a comprehensive learning and memory test which enables you to compare memory and learning to ability, attention, and achievement. It is used to evaluate children between the ages of five and 16 years who have deficient processing skills…
Level A

Griffiths Scales of Child Development 3rd Edition

Griffiths III extra resources Authors: Elizabeth Green, Louise Stroud, Susan Bloomfield, Johan Cronje, Cheryl Foxcroft, Kim Hunter, Hilary Lane, Rivca Marais, Paula McAlinden, Rosemary O’Connell, Ruth Paradice, Candice Marx, Danie Venter. Description Griffiths III represents an evolution in developmental assessment, based on the latest research…
Level Griffiths-III, M

Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, Second Edition

Authors Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD, and Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD Description The RIAS-2 retains all the features that made the original instrument so popular and gives practitioners even more reason to trust this instrument. New speeded processing subtests make this update even more comprehensive than…
Level B, M

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