Online Assessments

Your time is best spent with your Clients

Therefore we are pleased to offer an ever-increasing range of online assessments.

PAA will establish assessment accounts for you with the overseas publishers listed below that allow you to manage the administration, scoring and report generation securely online using a personalised ID code and password.

Online assessments provide clients with the flexibility to complete assessments anywhere an internet connection is available, at a time convenient to them. Upon completion of the assessment, practitioners may instantly score and generate a report for printing/emailing.

MHS Online Assessment Center+ (Mac+)

Recently upgraded online platform provides access to a wide variety of behavioural assessments for children and adolescents. These include the popular Conners scales with Conners 4th edition coming soon as well as assessments for Autism screening, depression and anxiety. For a full list, click ‘View Tests’ below.

MHS Talent Assessment Portal

The MHS Talent Assessment Portal provides access to a variety of assessments used by the talent development market. These include the EQ-i 2.0 and the EQ 360.
This platform is only for administering, scoring and reporting the EQi 2.0, EQ 360. A variety of different reports are available. Click ‘View Tests’ below.

PAR iConnect

The PAR iConnect platform provides access to a wide variety of assessments for adults and children across almost all domains of interest to Psychologists. Tests include the PAI; Brief; Parent Stress Inventory, Self Directed Search and Brieres’s Trauma Inventories. Click ‘View Tests’ below for a full list.

WPS Online Evaluation System

The WPS Online Evaluation System provides access to a variety of assessments mostly for children and adolescents with an emphasis on education. The ABAS-3 is available on this platform. Accounts for this platform take 24 hours to set up and become active.


The Testwise platform provides access to a variety of educational/school based assessments which are usually restricted to schools. These tests can be used for Gifted & Talented identification, Reading and Spelling achievement as well as School Engagement/Student Wellbeing. Click ‘View Tests’ below for a full list.

GL Ready

Intuitive and user-friendly online testing platform.
Based on yearly subscriptions. Contact us at PAA today to request your new GL Ready Account! Click ‘View Tests’ below for a full list.