Digital screening to identify students entitled to exam access arrangements that provides supporting evidence for applications

For Ages: 11 – 24 years
Test Duration: 30 – 40 minutes for all four tests, which can be taken separately
Test Format: Digital in Testwise online platform


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Exact meets the rigorous requirements of exam access arrangements applications in a single digital assessment, providing standardised measures and detailed item-level analysis.

Easily screen students and produce simple reports that flag which pupils could qualify for additional arrangements to help them achieve results that reflect their ability.

Use Exact data to build a picture of need (required by Part 1 of JCQ Form 8) that focuses on the students most likely to be eligible so that you save time and money. A second parallel form (administered by a specialist assessor) enables submission of the evidence required in Part 2.

Exact is not a dedicated test of reading or literacy attainment. If you wish to establish a detailed understanding of reading skills, we would strongly encourage you to use the NGRT, which provides a more robust profile of reading strengths and challenges.  

Exact is quick to administer whole-class screening means that no students who might be eligible for exam access arrangements slip through the net.

Exact flags literacy difficulties by comparing individual students to national benchmarks in word recognition, spelling, reading comprehension and dictation (typing and handwriting speeds) as difficulties here can compromise exam performance.

Exact saves time in the application process as its data is designed to help with the process of exam access application, reliably identifying students who may be eligible, giving the evidence you need to complete Part 1 of JCQ Form 8, and pass on to an assessor.

Exact supports equality of opportunity by identifying those students who require reasonable adjustments, more students will be able to realise their potential in achieving exam results that reflect their true capabilities. As a school this helps you to both demonstrate and provide evidence as to how you are ensuring that you are supporting the welfare of all students. It’s also reassuring to parents and can greatly reduce exam stress in students.


What skills are assessed?

  • Word recognition
  • Reading comprehension accuracy
  • Reading comprehension speed
  • Spelling
  • Typed dictation speed
  • Handwritten dictation speed

What does Exact do?

Assesses the skills required to access formal examinations, identifying which students could qualify for extra help to achieve the exam grades that reflect their ability.

Why use it?

Data from Exact feeds into the exam access arrangements application process. One form test groups of students and the parallel form is administered by a specialist assessor.

What does it tell you?

How each individual student compares to a representative sample on word recognition, spelling, reading comprehension and dictation (typing and handwriting speeds), clearly signalling areas that are likely to compromise exam performance.

Sample Reports

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