LightSail, the e-Reader platform on steroids

Integrating LightSail into the Classroom

LightSail is an ed-tech tool that encourages reading and empowers learners through choice, personalisation, and innovative technology. The platform offers an extensive library with thousands of digital books accessible anytime, anywhere. With LightSail, setting and achieving reading goals becomes an interactive and engaging process for the students.

One of the most significant advantages of LightSail is its ability to measure and monitor student progress. Lexile-based assessments help teachers track students’ reading proficiency over time, identify struggling readers, and intervene effectively. This can support the differentiation and individualisation of learning, a crucial aspect of today’s education.

Moreover, LightSail is designed to appeal to today’s digitally native students. Research conducted with the world-renowned Johns Hopkins School of Education showed that 84 per cent of students preferred reading on LightSail to traditional books, making it a valuable tool to foster a love for reading.

Building a Reading Culture

Building a reading culture starts with setting clear, achievable reading goals. With LightSail, teachers can discuss their reading aspirations with students. The platform allows for a personalised library for each student based on their reading level and interests. Reading is not just an academic task but an exciting personal journey.

Reading fluency, particularly for young learners, can be improved significantly through consistent practice and feedback. LightSail’s feature to record students’ voices as they read provides a unique opportunity for teachers to assess fluency and provide timely feedback.

Documenting Progress and Sharing Insights

Encouraging students to maintain a reading journal helps them articulate their thoughts, make connections, and develop more profound comprehension skills. Technology integration can transform these reflections into engaging presentations or video reviews, boosting their digital literacy skills.

Additionally, having students recommend books to their peers enhances students’ communication skills and helps create a vibrant, collaborative reading community. LightSail’s AI technology can assist in curating personalised libraries based on these recommendations.

Staying on Track

Creating a reading schedule can help students manage their time effectively and stay on track with their goals. Regular check-ins can provide motivation and accountability, ensuring they maintain their objectives.

In conclusion, LightSail can be an invaluable tool in creating a dynamic, student-centred reading environment. Its extensive features and adaptability empower students to take charge of their reading journeys. It supports educators in their mission to cultivate lifelong learners.