Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test-Nonverbal

Author Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD Description Derived from the RAIT, the RAIT-NV is a rapid, reliable, and valid test of non-verbal intelligence. It was created using the two non-verbal subtests from the RAIT to give an accurate assessment of fluid intelligence. Although the RAIT-NV has a maximum time limit, it remains a power test and... READ MORE
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Reynolds Depression Screening Inventory

Author William M. Reynolds, PhD, Kenneth A. Kobak, PhD Description The RDSI is a self-report measure designed to quickly assess symptoms of depression in adults ages 18-89 years. The RDSI items assess the contemporary symptoms of depression specified by the DSM-IV for Major Depressive Disorder. Although the RDSI does not provide a formal DSM-IV diagnosis,... READ MORE
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Symptom Assessment-45

Authors Strategic Advantage, Inc. Description A quick, cost-effective and comprehensive measure of symptomatology, the Symptom Assessment-45 Questionnaire (SA-45) uses the proven items and structure of the Symptom Checklist-90 (SCL-90) to arrive at a brief, valid and reliable measure of psychiatric sympomatology.  Its comprehensive breadth gives you confidence when used as a screening tool for behavioural... READ MORE
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Stress Index for Parents of Adolescents

Authors Peter L. Sheras, PhD, Richard R. Abidin, EdD. Professional Manual by Peter L. Sheras, PhD, Richard R. Abidin, EdD, Timothy R. Konold, PhD Description The SIPA is a screening and diagnostic instrument that identifies areas of stress in parent-adolescent interactions and is appropriate for parents of adolescents ages 11-19 years. This upward extension of... READ MORE
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Survey of Pain Attitudes

Author Mark P. Jensen, PhD and Paul Karoly, PhD Description Research conducted over the past decade indicates that patients' attitudes and beliefs about pain play a key role in their adjustment and treatment outcome. The SOPA was designed to assist clinicians in the understanding of seven key pain-related beliefs of patients who have chronic pain... READ MORE
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Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory

Authors Samuel M. Turner, Ph.D., Deborah C. Beidel, Ph.D. and Constance V. Dancu, Ph.D. Description The SPAI assesses specific somatic symptoms, cognitions, and behaviours across a wide range of potentially fear-producing situations to measure social anxiety and fear.  With a Year 6 reading level, the SPAI assesses social anxiety across diverse settings. The SPAI is... READ MORE
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State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2

Author Charles D. Spielberger, PhD, ABPP Description The STAXI-2 provides easily administered and objectively scored measures of the experience, expression and control of anger for adults and adolescents, ages 16 years and older. The STAXI-2 was developed to assess components of anger and anger expression for a detailed evaluations of normal and abnormal personality and... READ MORE
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Trauma Symptom Inventory-2

Author John Briere, PhD Description The TSI-2 is designed to evaluate post-traumatic stress and other psychological sequelae of traumatic events. This broadband measure evaluates acute and chronic symptomatology, including the effects of sexual and physical assault, intimate partner violence, combat, torture, motor vehicle accidents, mass casualty events, medical trauma, traumatic losses, and childhood abuse or... READ MORE
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