Sexual Violence Risk-20

Authors Douglas R. Boer, PhD, Stephen D. Hart, PhD, P. Randall Kropp, PhD, Christopher D. Webster, PhD Description The SVR-20 is a 20-item checklist of risk factors for sexual violence that were identified by a review of the literature on sex offenders. The checklist was developed to improve the accuracy of assessments for the risk... READ MORE

Trauma Symptom Inventory-2

Author John Briere, PhD Description The TSI-2 is designed to evaluate post-traumatic stress and other psychological sequelae of traumatic events. This broadband measure evaluates acute and chronic symptomatology, including the effects of sexual and physical assault, intimate partner violence, combat, torture, motor vehicle accidents, mass casualty events, medical trauma, traumatic losses, and childhood abuse or... READ MORE
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Trauma Symptom Inventory-2 Scoring Program

Authors John Briere, PhD and PAR Staff Description This unlimited-use software scores and profiles the TSI-2 and TSI-2-A after the client's responses are entered by the clinician. It will generate a score report and graphic profile of the client's results, indicating the relative extent to which the respondent is experiencing post-traumatic stress or other sequelae... READ MORE
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Uniform Child Custody Evaluation System

Author Harry L. Munsinger, JD, PhD, Kevin W. Karlson, JD, PhD Description The UCCES was developed by two forensic psychologists with law degrees and extensive experience in child custody evaluation to meet the need for a uniform custody evaluation procedure for mental health professionals.  The UCCES consists of a Manual and 25 forms that provide... READ MORE
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Victoria Symptom Validity Test

Authors Daniel Slick, PhD, Grace Hopp, MA, Esther Strauss, PhD, Garrie B. Thompson, PhD Description Suitable for use in both outpatient and inpatient settings, the VSVT is a computerised test that uses a forced-choice (two-alternative) model to assess possible exaggeration or feigning of cognitive impairments. The VSVT unlimited-use software administers the test, calculates all scores,... READ MORE
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