Authorised Financial Account Users

PAA know that our professional clients are busy people.  We realise that you may rely on an associate or ancillary staff to make general enquiries, submit orders and pay bills on your behalf.

Alternatively, you may have a professional partner in your practice and you wish to ensure only one financial account is established with PAA so as to receive only one statement.

Therefore we offer the Financial Account Holder the option of nominating one or more ‘Authorised Financial Account Users’ to be linked to your PAA online financial account.  This will enable the nominated person/s full access to all features of your online financial account.

However any transactions undertaken by ‘Authorised Financial Account Users’ are the responsibility and liability of the primary Financial Account Holder.

To add a new ‘Authorised Financial Account User’ you must submit the following details:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Email
  • Position
  • Opt-in for this person to receive our email newsletter and updates

The Financial Account Holder will then need to provide their log-in email and password to only those persons you have nominated as Authorised Financial Account Users.

The Financial Account Holder may choose to view, edit, or add new Authorised Financial Account User/s at any time.

The Financial Account Holder may also change your online financial account password at anytime to prevent unauthorised access to your online financial account by persons who may have previously been nominated as Authorised Financial Account Users.

As an added security, the Financial Account Holder will receive email notification of all orders and any changes submitted on their online financial account, allowing you to monitor your online financial account transactions and changes.

Contact PAA if you require any assistance.