How to view your reports

How to view your reports

After a report has been generated, it is available on the View Report page for that specific product.

Be aware that the reports will be deleted 7 days after being generated. After that, you must regenerate the report in order to view it again.


To view a generated report

  1. Click My Assessments in the left menu.

    The menu expands to show a list of products.

  2. Select the product you want to view a report for.

    The left menu changes to show new options, including Generate Reports and View Reports.

  3. Click View Reports.

    The View Reports page for that product opens.

  4. Click the View Report link in the right column for the specific report that you want to see.

    A PDF of the report is downloaded to your computer.

  5. To delete a report, click the checkbox beside it, and then select Delete Report from the drop-down menu.