PAA recognises that your time is best spent with your clients.  Therefore we are pleased to offer an ever-increasing range of online assessments.

PAA can establish assessment accounts for you (subject to appropriate professional user level or certification qualifications required per assessment) with a number of overseas publishers, such as MHS, PAR and WPS that allow you to manage the administration, scoring and report generation securely online using a personalised ID code and password.

Enjoy the convenience of assessing clients in a time and cost-efficient manner using online testing.   Online assessments provide clients with the flexibility to complete assessments anywhere an internet connection is available, at a time convenient to them.  Upon completion of the assessment, practitioners may instantly score and generate a report for printing/emailing.

Below is more detail on these online assessment platforms:


MHS Online Assessment Center (Free to set up; no ongoing subscription fees)

The MHS Online Assessment Center offers access to online assessment forms (including administration, scoring and report generation) in a cost effective way.  Currently 16 different assessments are available on this platform.

On request, PAA will, within 24 hours, establish an MHS Online Assessment Center account and email you an ID and password to access your new assessment account.  MHS Assessment Center Accounts can be set up for single practitioners (single user accounts) or for a number of practitioners sharing a common pool of assessment forms (multiuser accounts).  With multiuser accounts, individual practitioners each have separate logons and passwords so their client data remains confidential to them, even though they share access to assessment forms.  Once ordered (and paid for), forms can take up to 24 hours to be available in your MHS Assessment Center account.  Forms can be used online in your office or a link can be generated and emailed to clients so they can complete the assessment remotely.  A paper version of the form can also be printed out for pencil and paper administration, with item responses entered into the MHS Assessment Center platform for scoring and reporting.  Once an assessment has been completed by a client, practitioners are notified by email so they can request the assessment be scored and a report generated, giving complete control to the practitioner.  Forms for which links were generated stay in a pending file until used; if they are not used, they can be returned to the pool of forms for use with another client so no forms are wasted.

Contact PAA today to set up a new MHS Online Assessment Center account.

The following assessments are currently available on this platform:

View the list of tools and online forms available using the Online Assessment Center.


PARiConnect Online Portal (Free to set up; no subscription fees)

PARiConnect is an online assessment platform that gives you access to many of your favourite clinical instruments through the convenience of a secure, easy-to-use website.  Offering online administration, scoring and reporting, PARiConnect is a cost effective solution that allows you to save time and effort.   It is simple to learn and use.  Assessments can be administered online in your office or remotely via a link generated by PARiConnect.  Unlike some platforms from other publishers, paper forms cannot be printed out and have to be purchased separately if required, but item responses can be entered into PARiConnect for scoring and reporting.  Separate charges are made for test administration and for scoring/reporting, giving you flexibility and choice in the way you administer assessments. PARiConnect usually offers two levels of reports:

Score reports provide scoring and validity information only, usually in a graphical format.

Interpretive reports provide the scores as per the Score Report, but adds in-depth descriptions of assessment results.

All new PARiConnect accounts receive 3 free items (administrations or scoring/reports) when they are set up.  You will be asked what you would like.

There are two purchasing options available to Australian and New Zealand customers:

  1. For customers able to purchase in US dollars using a credit card:  PAA verifies your qualifications and passes on your details to PAR in the US.  PAR, within 24 – 48 hours, establishes a PARiConnect account for you and notifies you directly of log on and password details.  You then purchase assessments through the PARiConnect website/platform in US dollars using your credit card.  No GST is charged.  Prices for assessments purchased in this way can be found on the PAR website:
  2. For customers unable to purchase in US dollars with a credit card:  PAA, within 24 – 48 hours, will establish PARiConnect account for you and then inform you of logon and password details.  Assessments are ordered (and invoiced) through PAA and are charged in Australian dollars.  Assessments forms and reports are then available in your PARiConnect assessment account within 24 hours.  Prices for assessments purchased this way can be found on this website.  GST will be charged.

The following assessments are currently available online through PARiConnect:


Contact PAA today to set up your new PARiConnect account.


WPS Online Evaluation System (Free to set up; no subscription fees)

The WPS Online Evaluation System is an Internet based platform for administering and scoring assessments.  Assessments can be administered in your office or a link can be generated to send to clients to access the assessment remotely.  Once an assessment has been completed, the practitioner is alerted and can then go into the system to request scoring and reporting.  Unlike other platforms, paper forms can be printed out as often as needed at no cost and client responses can be entered into the Online Evaluation System for (paid) scoring and reporting.

PAA can set you up with an Online Evaluation System account withing 24 hours.  Release codes  for a required number of assessment scores/reports can then be purchased.  These codes are emailed to you by PAA and they need to be cut and pasted into the platform to allow the purchased assessments to be scored.

A growing range of assessments are available online on this system including some of your favourites:

Contact PAA today to set up your new WPS Online Evaluation System account.


EQi 2.0 Online Portal (Free to set up; no subscription fees)

The new EQ-i 2.0 online portal offers qualified professionals with access to the newly updated EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence assessment. The EQi 2.0 features a range of reports and consultants can access various EI resources within the portal. The new EQ360 2.0 is also available through this portal.


MHS Online Scoring Organiser (Free to set up; no ongoing subscription fees)

This platform provides access to four assessments: CAARS; HPSI; M-Pulse and MSCEIT. On request, PAA will, within 24 hours, establish MHS Scoring Organiser account.  When you first purchase online administration and reports, you are given an ID and password to access the MHS Scoring Organiser website. With the MHS Scoring Organiser, you access the assessment tools you have purchased and assign access codes and passwords to your respondents so that they can complete the appropriate tests. You will receive email notification when a test has been completed.  You may then instantly score the administration and generate the required reports.

Contact PAA  today to receive an ID and password to access the secure MHS Online Scoring Organiser.

The following assessments are currently available online: