Trauma Symptom Checklist Software Portfolio tsc-sp

For: Scores and generates reports for the TSCC, TSCC-A or the TSCYC
Reading Level: Preschool - Adolescent
Format:  PC Based Software
Length: Varies
Scoring: Computer Scored


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John Briere, PhD and PAR Staff


The unlimited-use TSC-SP software automatically scores the TSCC, the TSCC-A, or the TSCYC when the client’s responses are entered by the clinician.  It will generate a score report and graphic profile of the results, which can be printed by any Windows-compatible printer or exported for word processing. For convenient ordering, the TSC-SP software is sold as 3 separate CD-ROMs – (1) TSCC only, (2) TSCYC only, and (3) TSCC and TSCYC combined.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7;


NTFS file system.  CD-ROM drive for installation. Internet connection or telephone for software activation.  Note: Customers who previously purchased the TSC-SP Conversion (TSCC to TSCC/TSCYC) CD-ROM or the TSC-SP Conversion (TSCYC to TSCC/TSCYC) CD-ROM and wish to convert to the Vista version must purchase the TSC-SP (TSCC/TSCYC) Vista Conversion CD-ROM.

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