Wisconsin Card Sorting Test-64 Card Version wcst-64

For: Quickly assess perseveration and abstract reasoning in ages 6.5 to 89 years
Reading Level: Child - Adult
Format: Paper-and-Pencil
Length: 10-15 Minutes
Scoring: Hand Scored


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WCST-64 e-Manual

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WCST-64 Manual

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WCST-64 Record Booklets (25)

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WCST-64 Introductory Kit

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Susan K. Kongs, Laetitia L Thompson, PhD, Grant L. Iverson, PhD, Robert K. Heaton, PhD


The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) has been widely used with many different patient groups ages 6.5 to 89 years. Recently, concerns for patient comfort, managed care, and tighter research budgets have encouraged both clinicians and researchers to use shorter test batteries.

The new WCST-64 uses only the first 64 WCST cards, thereby shortening the administration time for most individuals while retaining the task requirements of the standard version. The WCST-64 also eliminates variability in the number of cards administered, facilitating straightforward comparisons of test-retest stability and comparisons of individual test results with normative and validity data.

  • WCST-64 normative, reliability, and validity data are derived from the same samples described in the Wisconsin Card Sorting Manual-Revised and Expanded (Heaton, Chelune, Talley, Kay, and Curtiss, 1993).
  • Individual WCST protocols were obtained and rescored for the first 64 cards administered.
  • WCST-64 raw scores with corresponding demographically corrected normative data for the WCST-64 variables are provided in the WCST-64 Card Version Professional Manual.

Note:  If you are purchasing a WCST-64 product for the first time, we recommend ordering the WCST-64 Card Version Professional Manual.

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