LUCID Assessments available on GL Ready online platform Rapid CoPS LASS (Primary 8-11) LUCID Assessments available on PC Software / CD ROM Ability Recall LASS (Secondary 11-15) Introducing PAA's LUCID, a portfolio of fast, accurate, digital assessments designed to screen and diagnose students with suspected specific learning difficulties. Designed to complement PAA's YARC, with LUCID... READ MORE
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New Group Reading Test

The New Group Reading Test (NGRT), developed and normed in the UK,  enables you to assess your students’ reading and comprehension skills in a single test – helping to identify those students who may need further support and benchmarking their performance against other students of the same age. Particularly useful to identify EAL students who may appear... READ MORE
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New Group Spelling Test

New Group Spelling Test (NGST), developed and normed in the UK,  is an adaptive assessment which allows regular monitoring of spelling skills. When combined with the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) you can assess reading and spelling together in under an hour. Customised implications for teaching and learning in each individual report offer practical help... READ MORE
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School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory

Contact PAA today to establish your WPS Online Evaluation System Account for online administration, scoring and reporting. Authors  Kathy Chatham Stroud, Ph.D., and Cecil R. Reynolds, Ph.D. Measure student learning strategies early and intervene proactively Poor study skills, ineffective learning strategies, test anxiety--all of these things impede academic success. And they often go unrecognized until... READ MORE
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Woodcock Johnson Fourth Edition - Australasian Adaptation

Do you own WJ III Kit and would like to upgrade to WJ IV? Special prices for upgrade kits are available. Please email or call us for a quote. Authors Fredrick A. Schrank * Kevin S. McGrew * Nancy Mather Description A trusted, ground-breaking leader in individually administered assessments, the new Woodcock Johnson Fourth Edition... READ MORE
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York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension - Australian Edition

AUSTRALIAN EDITION - PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2012 The York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) - Australian Edition, enables teachers to assess the reading and comprehension skills of children ages 5.06 to 12.08 years.  It is ideal for following up at an individual level after group testing and provides a wide range of invaluable information. The YARC... READ MORE
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