Pupil Attitudes to Self and School

Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) provides vital insight into students’ attitudes and mindsets that may be having a negative impact on their attainment. Developed by a team of chartered educational psychologists and four universities over a number of years, the PASS digital survey...
Level M

School Motivation and Learning Strategies Inventory

Contact PAA today to establish your WPS Online Evaluation System Account for online administration, scoring and reporting. Authors  Kathy Chatham Stroud, Ph.D., and Cecil R. Reynolds, Ph.D. Measure student learning strategies early and intervene proactively Poor study skills, ineffective learning strategies, test anxiety--all of these...
Level B, M

Social Emotional Assets and Resilience Scales

Contact PAA today to establish a PARiConnect online account for administration, scoring and reporting. Author Kenneth W. Merrell, PhD. Description Focusing on a child's strengths, the SEARS may be used with children and adolescents who exhibit a variety of clinical problems or who are at high risk...
Level B, M, C