Booklet Category Test, 2nd Edition bct

For: Measure concept formation and abstract reasoning in ages 15 years and older
Reading Level: Adolescent - Elder Adult
Format: Paper and Pencil
Length: 30-60 minutes
Scoring: Hand Scored



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BCT Introductory Kit

Includes BCT Professional Manual, 2-Volume Set of Stimulus Books and 50 Response Forms.
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Nick A. DeFilippis, PhD, Elizabeth McCampbell, PhD


This portable version of the widely used Halstead Category Test (CT) allows you to distinguish individuals with brain damage from normal individuals.  The task demands of the BCT are essentially equivalent to those of the CT.  The BCT contains 208 visual stimuli that assess complex concept formation and abstract reasoning.  Administration instructions are printed on the back of the Stimulus Plates and on the Response Form to aid in standardisation of the BCT administration.  Responses for each subtest are recorded on a single page to aid in test administration and to facilitate the review of patient responses.  Two portable easel binders make the BCT ideal for administration in a wide variety of clinical and experimental settings where portability and space limitations are a concern (e.g., hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, private clinical settings).

Administration and Scoring

The BCT is administered by presenting the Stimulus Plates and have the respondent point to the number on the BCT Response Strip (1, 2, 3, or 4) that corresponds to the pattern on each Stimulus Plate.  The individual responses are recorded and then the incorrect responses are tallied to obtain the error score.  The revised Professional Manual also provides information about current research findings related to the clinical utility of the BCT (e.g., use of cut-off scores to identify malingerers).

Reliability and Validity

Regarded as the most sensitive indicator of brain dysfunction in the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery, the CT is nearly as valid as the complete battery in detecting brain damage.  In a cross-validation study, the BCT correlated with the CT at the same statistical level as the CT correlates with itself, suggesting that the BCT retains the high reliability and validity of the original instrument.

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