Benton Laboratory of Neuropsychology: Selected Tests bln

For:  Provide additional substantive data in the evaluation of brain-damaged patients
Reading Level: N/A
Format: Paper and Pencil
Length: 5 Minutes
Scoring: Hand Scored



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Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials

Test forms, response booklets and scoring reference manuals.

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BLN – Facial Recognition Test Kit

Kit includes Book of Photographs and 100 Record Forms.
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BLN – Judgement of Line Orientation Kit

Kit includes 2 books of Drawings and 100 Record Forms.
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BLN – Motor Impersistence Kit

Kit includes 100 Record Forms.
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BLN – Pantomime Recognition Kit

Kit includes Book of Response Cards, Pantomime Rcognition DVD, and 100 Record Forms.
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BLN – Right-Left Orientation Kit

Kit includes 100 Form A/B Record Forms and 100 Form L/R Record Forms.
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BLN – Serial Digit Learning Kit

Kit includes 100 Record Forms for each form.
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BLN – Temporal Orientation Test

Kit includes 100 record forms.
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BLN – Facial Recognition Record Forms (100)

Pack of 100 forms.
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BLN – Judgement of Line Orientation Record Forms (100)

Pack of 100 forms.
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BLN – Pantomime Recognition Record Forms (100)

Pack of 100 forms.
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BLN – Right-Left Form R/L Record Forms (100)

Pack of 100 forms.
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BLN – Visual Form Discrimination Record Forms (100)

Pack of 100 forms.
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Arthur L. Benton, PhD


These classic tests provide additional substantive data in the evaluation of brain-damaged patients.  Each test is designed to be quickly and easily administered, minimising patient fatigue and maximising the collection of reliable neuropsychological test data.  The Manual, Contributions to Neuropsychological Assessment, contains descriptions of the tests along with normative and validity data and must be purchased separately.

Temporal Orientation

This brief test assesses the accuracy of an individual’s temporal orientation with relation to the day of the week, day of the month, month, year and time of day. The test provides a standardised procedure based on empirically established norms for interpreting an individual’s performance.

Right-Left Orientation

This 20-item test requires an individual to point to lateral body parts on verbal command.  Form B is a mirror image of Form A in which the commands are reversed.  Administration time is 5 minutes.

Serial Digit Learning

This test consists of the presentation of either eight or nine randomly selected single digits for a varying number of trials up to a maximum of 12.  Three alternate versions are provided for each form.  Administration requires 5-10 minutes.

Facial Recognition

A three-part standardised measure of the ability to match unfamiliar faces.  Contains a 27-item short form and a 54-item long form.

Judgement Of Line Orientation

This is a standardised measure of visuospatial judgement in two alternate forms. The spiral-bound booklet contains 35 stimuli, five of which are practice items.

Visual Form Discrimination

This measure of ability to discriminate between complex visual configurations provides comparative data on clients with brain disease.  Composed of 16 items ranging in level of difficulty, this brief, convenient procedure has proven utility because of its sensitivity to effects of brain disease.

Pantomime Recognition

This test requires the client to point to drawings of objects; the pretended uses of the objects are shown in a series of 30 videotaped pantomimes.

Motor Impersistence

This battery consists of eight tests requiring the maintenance of a movement or posture: keeping eyes closed, protruding tongue (blind-folded and eyes open), fixation of gaze in lateral visual fields, keeping mouth open, central fixation during confrontation testing of visual fields, head turning during sensory testing, and saying “ah.”

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