Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test Developmental Scoring System rocf-dss

For: Evaluate ROCF performance within a developmental context in ages 5-14 years
Reading Level: Child - Adolescent
Format: Paper-and-Pencil
Length: Approximately 35 minutes (includes a 15-20 minute delay)
Scoring: Hand Scored


Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials

Test forms, response booklets and scoring reference manuals.

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DSS-ROCF Professional Manual

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DSS-ROCF Response Sheets (50)

Pad of 50.
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DSS-ROCF Scoring Booklets (25)

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DSS-ROCF Introductory Kit

Includes DSS-ROCF Professional Manual, ROCF Stimulus Card, 50 Response Sheets, and 25 Scoring Booklets.
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Jane Holmes Bernstein, PhD, Deborah Waber, PhD


The DSS-ROCF allows the examiner to objectively evaluate ROCF performance within a developmental context and to determine the age-appropriateness of the child’s Copy and Recall productions. The DSS-ROCF measures not only the child’s ability to accurately reproduce the figure, but also the child’s qualitative, organisational and stylistic approaches to the figure. Clinical experience has shown that children’s responses to the ROCF often predict their responses in comparable situations where novel, complex material is presented.

The DSS-ROCF measures four parameters of ROCF performance: Organisation, Style, Accuracy, and Errors. Age-referenced norms for these four parameters provide guidelines for determining the developmental appropriateness of a child’s production. The Organisation score quantifies the child’s appreciation for the organisational goodness of complex, visually represented materials. The Style rating objectively categorizes the child’s approach to information processing as Part-oriented, Intermediate, or Configurational. The Accuracy score quantifies the actual ROCF elements that are accurately reproduced (independent of Organisation and Style). The Error score quantifies the extent to which elements are distorted (rotation, perseveration, misplacement and conflation).

Test materials consist of the DSS-ROCF Professional Manual, the ROCF Stimulus Card, DSS-ROCF Response Sheets (for the Copy, Immediate Recall, and Delayed Recall trials), and the DSS-ROCF Scoring Booklet. Five coloured felt-tipped pens and a stopwatch are also required.

The DSS-ROCF was developed and standardised on 454 children ages 5-14 years. The Professional Manual provides specific instructions for administration of the ROCF, extensive instructions for deriving DSS-ROCF scores, guidelines for clinical interpretation, normative information, and information about the psychometric development, reliability and validity of the DSS-ROCF.

Note: Stopwatch required.

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