Test of Memory Malingering tomm

For: A test that distinguishes between malingered and true memory impairment in persons ages 16 to 84 years

Reading Level: Nil (Pictures Only) - Professionally or computer administered
Oral response to Visual Stimuli

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: Approx. 15 minutes (2 learning/recognition trials)
Approx. 20 minutes (with retention trial)

Scoring: Hand Scored




TOMM Complete Kit

Manual; 1 Set of 3 Stimulus Booklets; 25 Recording Forms & TOMM Research Monograph.
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Sample Reports

TOMM Summary Report


Tom N. Tombaugh


The TOMM is a systematic method to assist psychologists discriminate between bona fide memory impaired clients and malingerers. It is essentially an 'easy' test that clients believe is difficult - malingerers typically score poorly.

Clients are shown two sets of 50 pictures and then given recognition trials after each set. A retention trial may also be administered approximately 15 minutes later.

Data is reported for cognitively intact adults, those with a cognitive impairment, aphasia, traumatic brain injury and dementia. Validity data using simulators and those at risk for malingering support the usefulness of this test.

A single report is available, listing client scores and a statement as to the likelihood they falsified their responses.


  • Short administration time.
  • Excellent validity studies.

Sample Report

TOMM Summary Report

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