Wisconsin Card Sorting Test: Computer Version 4 Research Edition wcstcv4

For: Unlimited-use admin and scoring program for the WCST
Reading Level: Child - Elder Adult
Format: Paper-and-Pencil, PC Based Software
Length: Varies
Scoring: Hand Scored; Computer Scored



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WCST:CV4 Research Edition Kit – Download

includes WCST:CV4 software with On-Screen Help and Quick Start Guide, 1 Set of Keytops, and 25 WCST:CV Record Forms
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WCST:CV Record Forms (25)

Pack of 25.
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Robert K. Heaton, PhD, PAR Staff


This unlimited-use software is designed to assist you in administering and scoring the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST). The reports are more visually attractive and easier to read than reports generated by earlier versions of the software.

  • Clinicians have the option of administering the test on-screen (clients enter their responses via either the keyboard or the mouse), or by entering the client’s item responses from a previous WCST administration.
  • The client record feature allows the clinician to save basic demographic information and to store test response data for each test associated with a particular client. This helps the clinician track the client’s progress and monitor changes over time.

Entry of Item Responses

  • If the clinician chooses to enter the client’s item responses from the Record Form of a previous WCST administration, the data-entry screen presents only the possible valid responses for each card; this prevents certain errors in data entry.
  • The clinician may either select all the valid dimensions, or simply click on one of the valid dimensions to which the client was matching; the software will automatically record any other dimension matches.

On-Screen Administration

The software automatically tells the respondent (by both an audible response in English and an on-screen message in one of 10 user-definable languages) whether the choice was correct or incorrect.

  • For on-screen administration, keyboard response entry utilises four predefined alphanumeric keys.
  • A set of coloured keytops representing the four WCST Stimulus Cards can be attached to these keys.

WCST:CV4 Report

The software program automatically scores the responses according to Dr. Heaton’s scoring system and then generates a report which includes the following information and features:

  • Demographic information and test performance variables.
  • WCST raw scores and corresponding age- and education-corrected standard scores, T scores, and percentile scores for major WCST variables for clients ages 6.5-89 years.
  • Scores for individuals ages 20-89 years are also compared to normative scores derived from an adult sample matched by age to 1995 U.S. Census data.
  • Reports may be printed or saved in Rich Text Format (which is compatible with most word processing programs).

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.


NTFS file system; CD-ROM drive for installation; Internet connection or telephone for software activation.   16-bit, 800×600 (SVGA) display

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