GL Ready is an intuitive and user-friendly online testing platform. It can be accessed on most browsers and on most devices, including touchscreen tablets and iPads, via a secure login.

Why GL Ready?

There are a few factors that make GL Ready different to other online screening tools. GL Ready provides a quick screening tool (Rapid) for initial screening, with the results from this test feeding directly into the CoPS and LASS 8-11 tests for those students where additional testing is required. Rapid takes only 15 minutes to administer, which is less than other comparable systems. Due to their strongly visual format and minimal reliance on spoken instructions, the tests in GL Ready can be used with students who speak English as an Additional Language. Whereas, many other comparable tests require English to a level commensurate with that of a student who speaks English as a first language. The three tests contained within GL Ready (Rapid, CoPS and LASS 8-11) each come with their own comprehensive manual providing in-depth guidance on interpreting the test results (incorporating several case studies), teaching recommendations and suggestions of appropriate computer software for the development of particular skills.

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Why online screening?

There are several advantages to using online screening tests. They are labour-saving in terms of test administration and scoring and can be used by less highly trained personnel. The delivery of test items is more standardised and controlled (i.e. precise timing and delivery of instructions) than with human delivery and scoring errors are eliminated. Online tests are more interactive, and students generally prefer them, especially those with SEND. Furthermore, they can be administered using computers or tablets, making them more accessible, particularly to students with a disability. Online screening tests can record additional data, such as response times, more efficiently than human testers. Additionally, the provision of feedback is immediate and includes automated reports. It is also much easier, more efficient and secure to store online test records than paper-based ones. A major advantage of online screening tests is that they allow for adaptive testing, where the level is adapted to suit the ability of the student being tested. This makes the test more efficient as students are not spending time on items that are too easy or too difficult for them. Online testing, using networked computer suites, allows for the efficient screening of all students in a year group. The outcome of this is that students with difficulties are less likely to slip through the net and SEND is identified at a younger age. Early identification allows for early intervention and reduces the frustration experienced by a student with unidentified learning needs.

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