Clinical Assessment Scales for the Elderly Short Form case-sf

For: Screen for Axis I disorders in the elderly ages 55-90 years

Reading Level: Adult - Elder Adult

Format: Paper and Pencil

Length: 10-20 minutes

Scoring: Hand Scored




CASE-SF Introductory Kit

Includes CASE/CASE-SF Professional Manual, 25 CASE-SF Form S Test Booklets, 25 CASE-SF Form R Test Booklets and 50 CASE Profile Forms.
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Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD, Erin D. Bigler, PhD


The CASE-SF is designed to provide you with a rapid assessment of elderly adults (ages 55-90 years) to determine whether a more comprehensive evaluation of psychopathology or a referral for a different type of examination might be needed (e.g., referral to a neuropsychologist). The CASE-SF consists of a self-rating test booklet (Form S) and an other-rating test booklet (Form R) that can be completed by a knowledgeable caregiver such as a spouse, child, home health-care worker or sibling.

Derived from the CASE, the CASE-SF includes all 10 CASE clinical scales and two of the CASE validity scales (Lie and Validity).

CASE-SF Scales

Clinical Scales

Anxiety (ANX)

Cognitive Competence (COG)

Depression (DEP)

Fear of Aging (FOA)

Mania (MAN)

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Paranoia (PAR)

Psychoticism (PSY)

Somatization (SOM)

Substance Abuse (SUB)

Validity Scales Lie (L)

Validity (V)


  • The CASE-SF Form R provides independent information about the patient from caregivers for verification of patient status or when the patients are unable to complete the assessment themselves due to physical or cognitive difficulties.
  • Designed to help you track treatment effectiveness or monitor a patient's clinical status over time.
  • Enables you to quickly evaluate large numbers of seniors in a variety of settings such as assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and community care centres.
  • Normative data derived from the CASE sample.
    CASE-SF items are free of gender or ethnic bias.
  • The CASE/CASE-SF Professional Manual provides all of the necessary information for the administration and scoring of both the CASE and the CASE-SF.
  • Patients and knowledgeable caregivers can complete the CASE-SF in 20 minutes or less; scoring and profiling is quick and easy.

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