Checklist for Child Abuse Evaluation ccae

For: Investigate and evaluate possible abuse or neglect in ages 10-16 years

Reading Level: Child - Adolescent

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: Varies

Scoring: Hand Scored


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Joseph Petty, PhD


This valuable information-gathering tool is used for investigating and evaluating children and adolescents who may have been abused or neglected.

You may obtain extensive data for preparing clinical reports or standard documents in the clinical file.  The Checklist is transferrable to all pertinent professionals to eliminate repetitive stressful questioning of the child. Using the Checklist will also enhance the possibility of providing legally sound conclusions.

Psychologists, social workers and other professionals involved in child abuse investigations and evaluations will agree that this checklist provides an excellent survey of child abuse symptomatology.

The 264-item, 40-page CCAE contains 24 sections including:

  • Child's Historical & Current Status.
  • Emotional Abuse (child & witness reports).
  • Sexual Abuse (child & witness reports).
  • Physical Abuse (child & witness reports).
  • Neglect (child & witness reports).
  • Child's Psychological Status.
  • Credibility/Competence of the Child.
  • Conclusions in 6 Categories.
  • Case-specific Treatment Recommendations and Issues.
  • When conducting an evaluation, you may use the entire checklist or only those sections applicable to the specific situation.

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