Computerized Test of Information Processing ctip

For: Evaluates the extent that various neurological injuries have affected the speed that information is processed

Reading Level: 15-74

Format: PC Based Software

Length: 15 minutes

Scoring: Computer Scored



Tom N. Tombaugh, PhD and Laura Reese PhD


The CTIP is a fast, effective tool developed to evaluate the extent that various neurological injuries have affected the speed that information is processed in certain individuals.  It may be used with individuals ranging from 15 to 74 years of age and is applicable to clinical and research settings.  The CTIP has the functionality to aid in the detection of malingering of cognitive deficits frequently associated with traumatic brain injury, by providing converging evidence that a respondent is not putting forth maximum effort.

Key Areas Measured

  • Simple Reaction Time
  • Choice Reaction Time
  • Semantic Search Reaction Time

How to Use The Assessment 

The CTIP consists of three computerised subtests that measure reaction time.  The subtests progressively increase the amount of information being processed in order to systematically record individual reaction times and the reports provide summarised scores for each subtest.  Total administration time takes approximately 15 minutes and the CTIP runs on the MHS Smartlink System where users have the ability to choose from clinical or research reports.

Normative Data 

The normative sample for the CTIP included 386 cognitively-intact individuals ranging from 15-74 years old.  The sample was drawn from major regions of the United States and Canada and was representative of the populations in regard to gender, age, ethnicity, urban/rural residence and geographical distribution.

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