EQ CONNECTIONS - A Virtual Training Series eq-connections

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Authors: Janice Gair and Hayley Hesseln, PhD

Administration Time: 6 x 1 hour interactive sessions (choose your own delivery schedule)

Administration Type: Training Series (Virtual or In-Person)

Complementary Tools: EQ-i 2.0

In order to use this product to its fullest potential you should be certified in the EQ-i 2.0®.

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EQ Connections – Virtual Training Series

A Virtual Training Series. 6 Moducles with over 150 slides of content plus a Facilitator Guide
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EQ Connections™ is an interactive virtual training series that engages audiences in the foundational learnings of emotional intelligence. A companion to the trusted EQ-i 2.0® assessment, it’s expertly curated content and flexible options for delivery will take your coaching and training programs to the next level.

Engaging, Interactive & Virtual

EQ Connections™ was designed to help facilitate engaging and interactive sessions both virtually and in-person. The content can support coaching and training using both the EQ-i 2.0® Leadership and Workplace reports through a flexible approach based on your audience.

Trusted Content, Curated to Coach

Designed to align with the trusted EQ-i 2.0®assessment; modules are differentiated by the color of the composite they relate to in the model and follow a consistent flow and structure to maintain cohesion. The content of this tool is a marriage of the authors’ coaching expertise and MHS R&D, ensuring that the content you present is evidence-based, reliable and relevant.

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Running a virtual group training session? Looking to take your one-on-one debriefs to the next level? With the tried-and-tested EQ Connections™ program you will always be prepared to illuminate the value and learning that matter most for successful client debriefs, trainings and workshops.