Life Attitudes Schedule las

For: Assessment of suicide proneness based on life-threatening and life-enhancing behaviours

Reading Level: For ages 15-20 years

Format: Paper-and-Pencil

Length: 30 minutes for long version; 10 minutes for short version

Scoring: Hand Scored


Paper Forms and Hand Scoring Materials


LAS Forms (25)

Pack of 25 LAS Forms. For use with separate item booklet.
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LAS Item Booklet (10)

Pack of 10 reusable item booklets.
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LAS:S (Short) Forms (25)

Pack of 25 LAS:S (Short) forms. This form includes the test items.
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Peter M. Lewinsohn, PhD., Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, PhD., Paul Rohde, PhD., & Richard Langford, PhD.


The Life Attitudes Schedule (LAS) assesses the degree to which individuals engage in risk-taking or suicidal behaviours.  It is based on the theoretical construct of suicide proneness: a single domain to which life-enhancing and life-threatening behaviours belong.

Half of the items on the 96-item form assess life-enhancing behaviours, while the others assess life-threatening behaviours.  Items are organised according to content category and type of behaviour.  The four content categories include Health-Related, Death-Related, Injury-Related, and Self-Related behaviours.  Items within each content category represent three behaviour types.  Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions.

Short Version - The 24-item LAS:SF is ideal for use as a screening tool.  It includes the same content categories as the long version.

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